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Millennial Entrepreneur

i'm Building a list of 100 Millennial entrepreneurs from scratch. join me as I set it up step-by-step... live!

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Want to watch me set up an email list building campaign?

Of course you do! From now until May 1st, well technically April 30th at 11:59PM East Coast, I'm setting everything up from scratch. And I'm recording it all. Possibly even doing it live if you catch me at the right time.

What I'm going to show you:

  • How to Create a marketing funnel that builds a list of 100 emails
  • How to use tools like Facebook ads, LeadPages and Mailchimp to build your list
  • Essentially everything that needs to be done. 

Go ahead and start watching the videos I've already made and catch up to my current progress. There is no charge for this case study (currently). You can even be a part of it today! Then you can tell all your friends about how you were part of this really cool case study that helped you make your own list. Impress those filthy casuals with your superior knowledge and skill.

This offer ends - April 30th at one minute before midnight East Coast time (because that's where I am).

Look. You're a Millennial Entrepreneur. You obviously want to grow your business. You know you can't do that well without a list. And every list starts with 1. How about you get a kickstart to your list by following along with me on my way 100. 

Join me below. Just click the button and give me your info. I won't bite, well... not that hard. Actually I'm not a biter. I just like jokes with sexual innuendos. That's what she said.